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At Hill Ward Henderson, our attorneys possess knowledge and insights within specific industries. This fosters a unique understanding of business challenges and potential legal issues our clients face. 


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Pharmaceutical companies, distributors and retailers continue to face complex personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits and ever-changing regulations. Hill Ward Henderson represents pharmaceutical companies, distributors and retailers, along with medical device manufacturers in a variety of complex matters important to the success of their businesses. We regularly counsel clients in this industry regarding federal and state compliance, fraud and abuse investigations, HIPAA privacy, licensure, patents, generic drugs, clinical trials, joint ventures and more.

Our Drug & Medical Device Litigation Group handles claims arising from the design, manufacture, sale or distribution of medications and pharmaceuticals, and from the design, manufacture and performance of surgical medical devices. Our attorneys not only have handled the primary defense of cases against drug and device manufacturers, but also have served as local counsel in the defense of claims brought against national and international manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and similar products. Our attorneys adapt to the particular needs of any situation, whether it is defending a small series of cases arising from a particular drug, implant or device, or assisting in the management of hundreds of cases pending throughout the country.

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