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As a full-service law firm, Hill Ward Henderson caters to the needs of clients spanning a broad range of industries and professions. With over 100 attorneys, the scope of practice areas we provide is vast, with much depth and “bench strength” among both transactional and litigation disciplines. 

Real Property Litigation

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While it is often preferable to negotiate the resolution of real estate disputes, it is not always possible -- sometimes the parties are forced to take their dispute to court. Our attorneys combine industry-specific knowledge with broad litigation experience to provide focused, sensitive and responsive assistance to handle a variety of matters. Our Real Property Litigation Group works with clients that include developers, landowners and builders in complex and class action litigation involving real property issues.

Our professionals have decades of experience devoted to litigating virtually every conceivable type of dispute related to real property, including:

  • Annexation actions
  • Boundary, easement and restrictive covenant disputes
  • Breach of contract issues (including actions seeking equitable relief – such as specific performance or rescission)
  • Broker commission and deposit disputes
  • Commercial landlord/tenant disputes
  • Complex partnership matters involving real estate
  • Condemnation or takings cases with federal, state and local governments
  • Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act claims
  • Foreclosure and deficiencies
  • Fraud cases
  • Lease issues, including eviction actions
  • Lien priority or title issues
  • Nuisance issues
  • Partition actions
  • Title disputes
  • Zoning and other land use matters and land use litigation

Our extensive experience includes cases involving multi-family developments, retail developments, single-family communities, manufacturing properties, high-rise condominium developments, partitioned properties, agricultural lands, office buildings and parks.

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