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Our commitment to career development is integral to our practice. Our approach is practical and emphasizes hands-on learning over “classroom” training. One-on-one working relationships between senior shareholders and associates provide excellent training opportunities while efficiently and effectively servicing our clients. Assigned mentors provide professional direction, career guidance, and support.

Our approach is practical and emphasizes hands-on learning over "classroom" training.

Group-driven professional development programs supply specific skills training, business and practice development training, and other tools necessary to build a strong foundation within the associate’s selected field. Finally, firm-wide practice development programming provides associates with practical guidance on topics ranging from writing to client generation to business etiquette.

Jill K. Bell
Jill K. Bell
Hired following Summer Associate Program
“I participated in Hill Ward Henderson’s Summer Associate Program in 2008, and received projects from most of the firm’s practice areas. Prior to law school, I had envisioned myself being a transactional attorney. It seemed to fit my personality and natural negotiation skills. I have always liked working in a climate where one seeks a ‘win/win’ solution to help both parties leave the table feeling satisfied with the end result. During my summer, I was drawn toward the transactional groups, especially Real Estate. When the firm later issued me an offer to join them, I was excited and accepted immediately. However, I was told that due to the economy, a bit of restructuring had to occur and that the offer was not from a transactional group but instead from the Real Estate Litigation Group. I was thankful that Hill Ward Henderson had honored my offer and that I still had a job given the stories I'd heard of other firms retracting or deferring offers. However, as can be expected, I was also a bit apprehensive because I had not pictured myself as a litigator.

I began that next fall working with two wonderful attorneys who mentored me in “all things litigation,” and I  began to enjoy litigation. A year and a half later, the firm came back to me to see if I would be interested in moving to the Real Estate Group because a position had opened up and they wanted to honor my original desires and interests. After deliberation, I declined because I had really grown to love working in litigation and enjoyed my practice group. Having the firm return to me with this opportunity meant a great deal to me – it demonstrated that the firm wanted to make sure I was happy. Hill Ward Henderson takes very seriously the personal goals of its attorneys and goes out of its way to help them land in the right spot.”