Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Does Hill Ward Henderson conduct on-campus interviews at law schools?
A: Yes. Our firm visits a variety of law schools in the Southeastern U.S., conducting interviews with candidates for our Summer Associate Program.
Q: When are law school students interviewed for the Summer Associate Program?
A: We hold interviews in the fall for the following summer's program. The dates for on-campus interviews in the fall will be posted on our website in the “Careers” section the previous spring.  We also encourage those at schools we do not visit to submit their resumes directly to the firm (see Answer following next Question). 
Q: How may I apply for a position?
A: Please send a resume, along with a cover letter, to Jeanie Poley, Senior Director of Administration, 101 E. Kennedy Boulevard, Suite 3700, Tampa, Florida, 33602.
Q: How can I learn if Hill Ward Henderson has current positions available?
A: We recommend that you periodically check our website in the CAREERS section. Click the “Employment Opportunities” page which will allow you to apply online. You may upload your resume, along with a cover letter.
Q: Is it required for paralegals at Hill Ward Henderson to hold The Florida Bar’s FRP (Florida Registered Paralegal) certification?
A: No. We highly encourage our paralegals to seek the certification – and many at our firm have availed themselves of this opportunity. However, it is not a requirement for employment.