Extraordinary Women Event

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The Women’s Networking Group at Hill Ward Henderson serves as the proud host of an annual all-female event to honor “Extraordinary Women of Tampa Bay.”  This special program celebrates the accomplishments of women from a broad spectrum of our business and professional community.  Individuals attending include women who work as doctors, professors, clergy, elected officials, attorneys, business owners, CEOs, CFOs and more. 

The event rotates location each year to be held at a signature place in the Bay Area community.  The inaugural event was held in September 2012 at the Tampa Museum of Art.  Shareholder Linda D. Hartley briefly shared comments on behalf of the firm at the gathering. 

As part of her comments at the Extraordinary Women event, Linda shared the following with our guests:

“Tonight we celebrate all women.  We believe every woman in this room is extraordinary.  You are professionals with demanding careers; you are committed civic, community and government leaders; you are business owners; you serve our country in the military; and at the same time, many of you are wives, mothers and grandmothers.  We are humbled by you, and we are honored to spend time with you this evening.  As women, we assume responsibility for many – our clients, our customers, our community, our State, our Nation, and our families.  We look forward to establishing, renewing and continuing our friendship with you in the future. Thank you for all you do to make the Tampa Bay Area one of the best places to live in the world.” 

Linda Speaking

The women at our firm feel privileged to work within such a strong network of females in this community.

- Shareholder Linda Hartley
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