R. James Robbins, Jr.

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Service Spotlight

R. James Robbins, Jr.

As Managing Shareholder and President of Hill Ward Henderson, R. James "Jim" Robbins, Jr. diligently directs the large, ever-growing law firm of over 200 people, while he continues to practice Corporate and Real Estate law as a seasoned attorney. Over the course of his lifetime, Jim has given generously of himself to our community. Living a life that has been service-driven has brought Jim a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Jim eagerly shares the early roots of his enthusiasm for volunteerism, along with his personal philosophy that underscores his commitment to service.

"My parents were both very community-minded. Their focus was always on serving others," explains Jim. "I had the good fortune to attend the Academy of Holy Names and Jesuit High School. These schools were very encouraging in getting students involved in serving others at a young age - that has always been a part of my education from the very beginning. My wife Lindsey and I are trying to instill these same values within our children."

"I believe that living as a part of our community, we have the obligation to try and be involved and help others to the best of our abilities," shares Jim. "As lawyers, we have a unique opportunity to earn our livelihoods from the community - and, I believe that this opportunity bears the responsibility of giving back and being engaged with this community we are privileged to call home."

One of the most familiar roles Jim plays as an avid community volunteer is within the arena of youth sports. He has coached youth baseball for the past 15 years, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

"I have coached at many different levels through the years, and it is a real privilege to be able to teach young men the fundamentals of team work, sportsmanship, self-confidence and so many other important building blocks of life, while at the same time helping them learn a little bit about baseball."

In addition to his commitment to coaching youth sports, Jim is also active as a Trustee of The Tampa Bay History Center and its Foundation. For years, he has loved history and it brings a special joy to be involved in this new project in his hometown of Tampa, where he was born and raised.

Jim has never been a person who forgets his roots. He always believes in giving back to individuals or institutions that have played a significant role in his life. As such, Jim serves on the Board of Trustees and Real Estate and Facilities Committees of Jesuit High School, an institution he attests has helped him, and so many others, along the life's path.

In addition, Jim has recently held significant leadership positions at The Tampa Yacht Club and Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla. Reflecting upon his active involvement with these groups, Jim considers it a privilege to serve within these long-standing Tampa institutions.

Recently, under Jim's direction, Hill Ward Henderson initiated a new Community Involvement Committee to help inventory the broad spectrum of activities in which our attorneys and others currently serve. He explains, "This new committee will seek to understand where new opportunities exist for our lawyers to become active. There are many local organizations, agencies and institutions where we can expand our service to help meet additional needs throughout our community."

When asked what advice he would share with a young attorney, new in his or her career and curious how to start getting involved in the community, Jim answers, "If individuals have a desire to serve, I would suggest that they simply jump in! Individuals need to choose something that is of interest to them and that they will enjoy doing. Wherever one serves, I can assure you that the need is great and that they will invariably derive more out of the service than you give. That is what I've learned over time. Serving our fine community is not only an obligation - it is a privilege and an honor."