S. Katherine Frazier

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Service Spotlight

S. Katherine Frazier

A Shareholder in Hill Ward Henderson’s Real Estate Development & Finance group, S. Katherine Frazier is an active, vibrant force in the community. She holds leadership positions and serves with enthusiasm in diverse organizations that fill a variety of needs. Many of the issues she supports affect her, and her family, on a personal level.

As she sits in her office, Katherine has a lovely view of Tampa Bay, and she can easily spot Tampa General Hospital, where she was born. She feels fortunate to have grown up in Tampa -- a city she has loved her whole life. Katherine was raised by two remarkable parents, who were both very involved as professionals and volunteers in the community. Her father was an attorney and her mother was a high school teacher. They taught by example as they worked tirelessly in causes near to their hearts.

“My parents were excellent role models for me,” shared Katherine. “They instilled within me the natural response of giving back to a community that had enriched our lives so much. After my mother retired from teaching, she became what we call ‘a professional volunteer.’ She has boundless energy and has yet to slow down one bit. I doubt that my father would have slowed down either.”

Katherine is active in several of Tampa’s civic, charitable and social organizations. Her contributions of time, talent and energy impact children, health care and local history -- three areas in which she is passionate.

For the past eight years, Katherine has served on the Board of Directors of The Child Abuse Council. She is the past president and has also been a member of its Development and Executive Councils.

“The Child Abuse Council is very special to me because it is the first organization I plunged into upon my return to Tampa after law school,” she explained. “I wanted to meet new people and support a worthwhile cause. I immediately jumped in to help volunteer with fundraising events. It was a great way to become involved. The Council’s programs meet so many critical needs of children who are victims of abuse and neglect.”

In addition to the Council, Katherine has also been actively involved with Mary Lee’s House, a new child protective and advocacy center designed to meet the legal, medical and emotional needs of children of abuse in Hillsborough County. She became aware of this project through her service in The Junior League, where she previously held board positions.

In the area of healthcare, Katherine was recently appointed to the Foundation Board of Directors of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute. She also serves as the Foundation’s Chair for the Hillsborough County Corporate Partners Steering Committee, and she has co-chaired Moffitt’s annual Key to the Cure event, a major fundraiser for this nationally recognized research hospital in Tampa.

To Katherine, her commitment to Moffitt is very personal, and it hits close to home. “My father died from prostate cancer and my mother is a breast cancer survivor,” she reflects. “Supporting an increase in cancer research has become a natural mission for us. The Moffitt Center has made so many strides and we are fortunate to have them in our community. It is such a privilege to support an institution with such an excellent reputation for national cancer research.”

As President of the Board of Trustees for the Henry B. Plant Museum, Katherine takes great delight in supporting efforts to preserve local history. “The Museum is a wonderful example of looking back upon our past to see roots that have impacted the city we have become. Tampa’s history is a rich, colorful one and it is a pleasure to be a part of an organization that captures it so well.”

Katherine seeks to pass along her drive and commitment to community service to her two step-sons. “We want to help our boys discover that giving back is a very natural response,” explained Katherine. “Someone once told me that volunteering in the community is like paying rent for the space we take up on earth. I like that. Over time, I hope we can convey that lesson to our boys and help them discover ways they can get involved. I believe it is important to start serving when we are young, because it then becomes part of who we are.”