Frequently Asked Questions

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The following Frequently Asked Questions are provided to assist you in your knowledge of our firm.

Q: Where is Hill Ward Henderson located?
A: Hill Ward Henderson maintains offices in the Bank of America Plaza in downtown Tampa, as well as in the Bank of America Building in the heart of downtown Clearwater. The firm serves clients across Florida and throughout the United States from this central location.
Q: How old is the firm?
A: In 2016, the firm celebrated its 30th anniversary. The firm was founded in 1986.
Q: Who are the founding shareholders of the firm?
A: The firm was founded by seven attorneys, three of whom are the firm’s named shareholders: Benjamin H. Hill, III, David E. Ward, Jr. and Thomas N. Henderson, III.
Q: How many attorneys does the firm have?
A: Hill Ward Henderson has over 100 attorneys, serving clients across a broad spectrum of legal disciplines.
Q: How large is the firm’s staff?
A: The firm maintains over 30 paralegals, and approximately 100 support staff members, including legal secretaries, project assistants and others.
Q: What type of legal services does Hill Ward Henderson provide?
A: The firm is a full-service law firm, providing a wide range of legal services. To learn more, click here.
Q: Does the firm have any legal specialists?
A: Yes. Hill Ward Henderson has 16 attorneys who are Board Certified by The Florida Bar in individualized legal disciplines. Only attorneys who hold certifications by the Bar are permitted to be referred to in Florida as specialists. Click here to learn more.
Q: Does Hill Ward Henderson provide educational opportunities for its clients?
A: Yes. Our firm pro-actively keeps our clients informed and educated regarding significant new legislation, current industry trends and compliance issues. We provide Client Advisories, Webinars and Seminars on a regular basis.