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Hill Ward Henderson is pleased to announce that three of our attorneys have received the prestigious honor of being named Best Lawyers in America 2020 Lawyers of the Year in their respective practice areas, with 45 attorneys being named to 2020 Best Lawyers in America  within their respective practice areas:

  • E.D. ARMSTRONG, III l Real Estate Law; Land Use and Zoning Law
  • ANDERSON L. BALDY, III | Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions Law, and Real Estate Law
  • GREGORY P. BROWN | Commercial Litigation
  • J. ROCCO CAFARO l Commercial Litigation
  • CHARLES W. CALLAHAN III, JR. | Trusts & Estates
  • AMELIA M. CAMPBELL, III | Trusts & Estates
  • JOHN C. CONNERY, JR. | Corporate Law
  • B. BEN DACHEPALLI l Litigation – Construction 
  • SCOTT W. DIBBS l Real Estate Law
  • DAVID S. FELMAN | Mergers and Acquisitions Law; Leveraged Buyouts and Private Equity Law; Private Funds / Hedge Funds Law; Banking and Finance Law; Corporate Law; Venture Capital Law
  • TIMOTHY C. FORD | Construction Law; Litigation - Construction
  • S. KATHERINE FRAZIER | Real Estate Law; Corporate Law
  • TROY A. FUHRMAN | Commercial Litigation; Medical Malpractice Law - Defendants; Products Liability Litigation - Defendants
  • ROBERT M. FULTON l Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants
  • ROBERT B. GOUGH, III | Real Estate Law; Commercial Litigation; Corporate Law
  • JOHN B. GRANDOFF, III | Land Use & Zoning Law
  • BRET T. HAMLIN | Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law
  • R. REID HANEY | Corporate Law
  • LINDA D. HARTLEY | Litigation - Trusts & Estates; Trusts and Estates
  • THOMAS N. HENDERSON, III | Real Estate Law
  • BENJAMIN H. HILL, III | Bet-the-Company Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Insurance Law; Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants; Medical Malpractice Law - Defendants; Medical Malpractice Law - Plaintiffs; Professional Malpractice Law
  • K. TYLER HILL | Real Estate Law
  • S. GORDON HILL | Commercial Litigation; Litigation - Labor and Employment; Employment Law - Management
  • JOHN L. HOLCOMB | Medical Malpractice Law - Defendants; Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants
  • TIMOTHY A. HUNT | Construction Law; Litigation - Construction
  • C. HOWARD HUNTER | Health Care Law; Medical Malpractice Law - Defendants; Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants
  • JONATHAN P. JENNEWEIN | Real Estate Law
  • ROBERT E. V. KELLEY, JR. | Eminent Domain and Condemnation Law; Litigation & Controversy - Tax; Litigation - Real Estate
  • MORRIS C. MASSEY | Land Use & Zoning Law; Real Estate Law
  • SCOTT A. MCLAREN | Commercial Litigation; Litigation - Real Estate
  • PATRICK M. MOSLEY | Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law
  • BRETT J. PRESTON | Commercial Litigation, Insurance Law, Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants
  • R. JAMES ROBBINS, JR. | Administrative/Regulatory Law; Corporate Law; Real Estate Law
  • ROBERT A. SHIMBERG | Administrative/Regulatory Law
  • KIRSTEN L. VIGNEC | Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law
  • DENNIS P. WAGGONER | Commercial Litigation, Bet-the- Company Litigation
  • MARK M. WALL | Commercial Litigation
  • ALTON C. WARD | Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law
  • Baldy_Trey_HI
    Anderson L. Baldy, III
    Best Lawyers' 2020 Tampa
    Mergers and Acquisitions
    Lawyer of the Year
  • Holcomb_John_HI
    John L. Holcomb 
    Best Lawyers' 2020 Tampa
    Personal Injury Litigation - Defendants
    Lawyer of the Year
  • Kelley, Robert EV Jr
    Robert E.V. Kelley, Jr. 
    Best Lawyers' 2020 Tampa
    Litigation and Controversy - Tax
    Lawyer of the Year